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The Week That Wouldn’t End


I need to find a mini Zen Rock Garden – STAT

Since I’m a school nurse, this time of year is a hectic one.  This was “the first week back with kids.”  That means the students have returned to classes, and the staff has returned to the hard work of educating and caring for them.  For me specifically, this means coordinating their health care.

This week, that included such things as:

  • Receiving doctor’s orders for the many students to whom I administer medications during the school day
  • Receiving and organizing medications such as inhalers and pills, to be given during the school day
  • Checking about 80 students for head lice (and yes, finding some)
  • Doing G-tube feedings for a medically fragile student
  • Tending to bumps and bruises from kids getting their “recess legs” back
  • Managing our many asthmatic students on today’s Air Quality Health Alert Day (many students can’t participate in outdoor play)

In addition to being the school nurse, I am a parent – both my kids attend my school.  So I also had responsibilities such as Parent Orientation Night and signing paperwork for their teachers, and of course carting them with me to school and back and helping with homework.  I somehow still managed to get 2 runs in this week though!



Friday afternoon has finally come, and I thought I should go run.  But…


Nurse, Heal Thyself

I know what’s good for me.

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At My Own Pace


Toy Soldier Walk (Active stretching)

My legs are short.  Nothing will change that.  I can only go so fast.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes.  I push too hard and get worn out quickly, instead of going slow and steady – and I end up disappointed or having to stop.  A lot of people on the trail run faster than me – so do many small dogs and children.


Wow “only” 93!

Since it was “down to” 93 degrees tonight at 7:30 (when will it end???) I went for a run.  I decided to take it nice and easy.  During the first mile, I felt relaxed.  I was worried that I was doing a 14-minute mile though.  Then my Nike Run app announced my pace was in the 10 min/mile range!  I decided to keep that pace for the whole 3 miles.  I also turned a different direction than usual which was  a nice change.


Ah, refreshing!

I stopped at the halfway point to pour water on my head and stuff my cheeks with Gummi bears.  I actually ENJOYED this run – no matter how slow I was going!


Since I went so slow, I caught the sunset!

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