Pescatarian – It’s Not a Religion

It means the food I eat comes from plants and seafood.

It means when we go out to a restaurant I get to eat food like this:

Asian Salmon Salad and Tomato Basil Soup

Asian Salmon Salad and Tomato Basil Soup

And this:

Vegetable Pho (vietnamese noodle soup)

Vegetable Pho (vietnamese noodle soup)

And my wonderful husband loves to cook, so at home I get to eat things like this:

Open Faced Tuna Melt

Open Faced Tuna Melt

And this:

Scallops and Zucchini in Avocado Cream Sauce

Scallops and Zucchini in Asparagus Cream Sauce

And even this:

Grilled Shrimp and Veggies

Grilled Shrimp and Veggies

And when I get the urge to cook (it does happen) I can eat this:

bean and kale soup

Kale, Bean and Pasta Soup

After experimenting with veganism and vegetarianism, I have settled on pescatarianism. Β It is the right choice for my health, my conscience, my heart and my taste buds!!


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13 thoughts on “Pescatarian – It’s Not a Religion

  1. acuriousgal says:

    When can I move in? The food looks incredible!!

  2. Ha…I love how the “at home” meals all have a beer or wine in the photo…Blue Moon sound good right about now!

  3. Ani says:

    Right there with you! I am also a pescatarian, but because seafood is just so darn expensive for a college girl haha I am pretty much a vegetarian πŸ™‚ your photos looks delicious!

    • True, seafood can be a luxury item. (But for meat-eaters, meat is expensive too!) I can imagine it’s hard to be vegetarian in college – I wasn’t.

      • Ani says:

        I think – in general – it has become easier to be a vegetarian because of the increased awareness and exposure. I always have options, even living in my sorority house!

    • If you want to eat more seafood/seafood flavored items at home but can’t afford the cost, buy a food sealer (I don’t know the product’s actual name, but it vacuum seals food so you can freeze it safely). I do that for all types of meat, buy it on sale and then freeze when I want it. You can even buy meat/seafood that places are putting huge discounts on because they have to sell it that day. Just remember that freezing it doesn’t reset the clock, only slows it down to a crawl so once you open the package, be ready to use it.
      Also, if you start making your own stocks (which I highly recommend), buy some ice cube trays and freeze the stock in them. You can then transfer the cubes to another container and keep them frozen for up to 6 months. Each cube works out to about a 1/4 cup.
      I love chicken and beef too much to give them up, but I definitely eat more seafood than anything else.

      • Ani says:

        That is such a good tip and I wish it was more practical for me! I do not have access to a kitchen in my house, so I am at the mercy of what I am served haha but definitely will keep this in mind when I am living in my own place again.

      • Good advice. And I’ve heard making your own stocks is great – we may try that.

  4. Umm…Yum! The at home meals look even better than the ones you got out!

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