At My Own Pace


Toy Soldier Walk (Active stretching)

My legs are short.  Nothing will change that.  I can only go so fast.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes.  I push too hard and get worn out quickly, instead of going slow and steady – and I end up disappointed or having to stop.  A lot of people on the trail run faster than me – so do many small dogs and children.


Wow “only” 93!

Since it was “down to” 93 degrees tonight at 7:30 (when will it end???) I went for a run.  I decided to take it nice and easy.  During the first mile, I felt relaxed.  I was worried that I was doing a 14-minute mile though.  Then my Nike Run app announced my pace was in the 10 min/mile range!  I decided to keep that pace for the whole 3 miles.  I also turned a different direction than usual which was  a nice change.


Ah, refreshing!

I stopped at the halfway point to pour water on my head and stuff my cheeks with Gummi bears.  I actually ENJOYED this run – no matter how slow I was going!


Since I went so slow, I caught the sunset!

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6 thoughts on “At My Own Pace

  1. Sometimes we just need to NOT think of our pace and just run and enjoy it 🙂

  2. I’ve been working on NOT focusing on pace lately and just enjoying the ride. It makes running so much more of an adventure and enjoyable.

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