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Let It Out


Therapeutic Journaling

It has only been a relatively short time since I’ve come off treatment for anxiety/depression.  I have found that I need strategies to help me cope sometimes, particularly with anxiety.  There are days when my anxiety is extremely high, then the very next day I am perfectly calm through the storm.  I didn’t like this inconsistency and I felt the need to be in control of my response to stressful stimuli.

I have discovered therapeutic journaling.  I like to write.  It makes sense that letting out my feelings would be helpful, but I honestly had never done it before.  Turns out, there are many forms of writing as therapy.  I found a great website with an exercise that worked for me. On I read this article and followed the instructions.  I had an epiphany.  Turns out, I can control my anxiety if I can pinpoint what made it an anxious day, and what made it a calm day.  By comparing specific things I did or said, I identified important components of a calm day for me.  Then I can implement those things each day.  For example, on my recent “bad day” I didn’t have my usual peaceful music app on at all that day – so that’s one thing I make sure and do each day now.  I realized I need to keep some things constant in order to keep from feeling out of control.

I am excited about journaling.  I have the freedom to just rant (and yes, cuss) to my heart’s content for the purpose of “letting it out.”  I can also choose to do an exercise and have a goal in mind.  Heck I could even draw (if I could draw)!

There is so much research that has been done on the effectiveness of therapeutic journaling.  Some articles I’ve found helpful are:

Journaling As Therapy (for those who prefer cyber journaling)

I am keeping my journal by my bedside so I can use (and abuse, probably in the form of profanity) whenever I feel the need.  Ahhhh, that feels good!

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(Fall)se Alarm


So, Saturday I was all excited that it finally felt like Fall in South Texas.  Well, that didn’t last long!  For tonight’s run, I was facing 93 degrees (at least only 31% humidity though).  I decided to bring my Chilly Pad along to cool my face.  I brought my headlamp also because I started running at 7pm.

The first 3 miles were great.  But it was (again) miles 3 to 4 that were brutal!  The heat was getting to me.  The Chilly Pad helped but only for the brief moments I actually touched it to my face.

Night was falling, so I strapped on my headlamp.  This was only the second time wearing it.  Well, it was too loose.  I tried adjusting it (blindly) as I ran because I had settled into a good pace and didn’t want to stop.

The strap got twisted.

A plastic piece fell off and flew behind me.

The front light came unhinged from the strap and was just dangling.

Still not wanting to stop, I thought “Oh just wear it around your neck like a necklace!”

Then a slightly creepy man coming toward me gave me a strange “Good evening” with one eyebrow up…I looked down and noticed my light was shining directly down at my cleavage.  Hello!  Great.

Onto Plan C which was to just carry it in my hand (annoying).

So I made it the 4 miles but that last mile was just a comedy of errors!  There’s always tomorrow…

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