The Nurse Curse (Part 2)


When you work in the medical field and you or a loved one is sick or hurt, the knowledge we have can do more harm than good to our peace of mind.   When faced with a minor medical concern, the ONLY possible answer is always the WORST CASE SCENARIO.

Situation #1:

My daughter’s mosquito bites swell very large for days after she’s bitten.


     “She will surely get MRSA (a wound infection) and end up in the hospital.”


The swelling ALWAYS resolves after a few days with no complications.

overreacting 2

Situation #2:

My son wet the bed for the first time in YEARS.


     “He has type I diabetes.”


He was just  adjusting to the routine of the new school year and the sleep schedule that accompanies that.  I have to admit I even went as far as scheduling him a doctor’s appointment, but then couldn’t wait until then so I used my “connections” to do a dipstick urinalysis on him, and stuck his finger for fasting and random glucose checks.  That’s right – I made him cry because of my irrational fear.


Situation #3:

I started having lateral foot pain after running (at my 5th metatarsal).


     “I have a stress fracture – I’ll be in a boot and won’t be able to do my 3 races this Fall.”


My shoes were too tight.  I adjusted the laces around my mid foot and voila – no pain!

I overreact out of love, and an overabundance of knowledge.  I think it’s a case of “too much of a good thing.”

Do you ever overreact?

See The Nurse Curse (part I)

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12 thoughts on “The Nurse Curse (Part 2)

  1. LOL!!!! i can totally relate to this one. except my stories are too embarrassing to share.. =)

  2. Mari Montez says:

    ALL…THE…TIME!!! Especially when it comes to Josh and I’m looking everything up on the interrnet!

  3. Carrie Palaoro says:

    YES-a headache is always a stroke in the making or a tumor…a twitching eye is an indication that I have some neurological problem..or the making of a stroke…too thirsty it’s got to be diabetes…LOL..ALWAYS thinking of the worst case scenario!!! Not to mention all the “germs” I see on every single door knob, and god forbid someone sneeze or cough next to me…it’s like a CSI scene playing out in front of my eyes…I see all the little droplets of TB…LOL…you are NOT alone 🙂

    • haha!! I have friends who SWEAR every headache is a tumor – I’m lucky that I don’t get them very often at all or I’m sure I would think the same thing. And I totally “see” germs everywhere – door knobs, light switches, phones, and my desk to name a few.

  4. acuriousgal says:

    Oh my gosh, too funny!! Do I ever overreact???!!!! Fellow nurse hear, I think you know the answer to that!!😂😂🙋

  5. Tara says:

    One time I went to the doctor for what I was sure was MRSA and I left with a bandaid. A BANDAID!!!!!! So embarrassing. I blame HCHS 🙂

  6. nurseeyeroll says:

    SO accurate. I diagnose myself with cancer about twice a month. It’s quite the curse!

    • Pffff I almost spit out my drink!! My latest self-diagnosis involves my kidneys and the 100% certainty that one of them contains a 2 inch stone. Thanks for the comment – I LOVE your blog 🙂

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