Training Run!


My husband and I are running our first trail race in 3 weeks.  It will be at the beautiful Enchanted Rock State Park, an hour away from home.  We’ve been training since early summer but we wanted to train at least once at the site.  There is nothing exactly like that terrain here in town.  We wanted to visualize the course, check out parking, map the distance from the hotel to the park, etc.  The weather was a PERFECT 45 degrees!!  And look at that beautiful blue sky.


At the bottom of Big Dome

The race course takes us around the base of Big Dome (once for my 10k, three times for my husband’s 25K), then up to the top for the finish!  We are so glad we did this.  I was picturing a fairly flat, easy course until the climb at the end.  Well it’s anything but flat!  There are hills, brush, water, gravel, cactus, and rocks along the way.


The first hill

If I hadn’t been running as much as I have been, I would’ve been really intimidated.  But it was a GREAT run!  We ran around the base – about 5 miles – but we didn’t have time to run up to the top so that will be new territory for us on race day.  The ground was tricky to maneuver in spots – I tripped over a rock and fell forward, but luckily didn’t go all the way down!


Running back towards Big Dome


Beautiful, rugged terrain


Gorgeous landscape

All of the natural obstacles made for an interesting run.

 I am so excited for the big day!

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7 thoughts on “Training Run!

  1. Sandra says:

    Beautiful! My hubby told me about that place (he’s from TX too), and I cannot wait to go there. . . although I doubt I’ll be running up it! 😉

    • I don’t know how much running I’ll be doing either on that uphill climb! Yes this place is gorgeous – you HAVE to go! There is climbing, running, camping, picnicking. We plan to take our kids soon. My husband spent a lot of time here in his younger years 🙂

  2. I’ve grown to LOVE trail running, as long as it’s not mountains! haha I like to walk those 😉

  3. Erin says:

    Trail running is my favorite – gorgeous scenery and a great workout. That’s a bonus in my book!

  4. […] start time was 7am.  We had come to this town, and stayed at the same hotel, a few weeks ago for a training run so we were prepared.  We knew the hotel pillows felt like deflated balloons, so we brought our own […]

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