Nurse as Patient


Lately it’s been my turn to be the patient.  I’m being “worked up” for a problem with my kidneys.  The most recent step in this process was getting a CT scan of my kidneys, ureters, and bladder – aka CT KUB – or CT abd/pelvis – all the same thing really.  I’ve never had a CT scan before so I was incredibly anxious about having the contrast dye injected through an IV, and lying on a stretcher being pushed in and out of a giant whirring machine.  Luckily my friends reassured me (thank you Facebook friends!) that everything would be fine.


It’s going to swallow me up!

I was sent to an imaging center specifically designed for people with urinary/kidney problems, soooo that meant as I sat in the waiting room – one by one – older, gray-haired men filed in.  They probably wondered “What is this little girl doing here??”  One man was having a PSA level drawn (prostate-specific antigen which is elevated in prostate cancer), and another man was having some kind of injection.

Then it was my turn.

Luckily, the technician was excellent and described every step of the process.  He explained that the contrast dye would make me feel flushed and very warm, and that I would feel like I was peeing on myself (great).  His voice was calm, and he was obviously very experienced.  He put me at ease – a true professional.

So now I wait – again.  Next week I’ll find out the results of all the testing that’s been done over the last 2 months – a long, drawn out process that I suspect will amount to nothing.  But that’s just my cynical nurse voice talking – I fear that I will be told the results are inconclusive, or that I’ll need more tests, or worse yet – “All of these things are just normal variants.”  And I will wait for the bills in the mail.

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13 thoughts on “Nurse as Patient

  1. Ahhh I’ll be sending you lots of healthy vibes!

  2. aww. i hope they figure out what’s going on with you soon. hope it’s nothing serious. ~_~;;

  3. trissity says:

    I recently had a ct with contrast as well. It certainly is a very strange sensation if you’re not used to it. Especially the peeing sensation, what’s that about? o.O Hope you get things taken care of!

  4. Running Girl says:

    Sending prayers your way – hoping you get some answers and that it’s all good!

  5. nurseeyeroll says:

    I feel your pain – I hate being a patient! We know what everything means! Although the only thing I hate more than being a patient is when my family is a patient.. talk about needing some Zofran..

    • Lol when my family is a patient I need a XANAX!! Once the CT tech asked me what I did for a living, he started throwing medical terms at me – he was like “I need to turn you onto the right lateral decubitus position because I see hydronephrosis on the right kidney but can’t visualize the flow all the way down through the ureter.” I was like okay dude I’m pediatrics and I never worked in nephrology or urology lol!

      • nurseeyeroll says:

        Hahahahahahahahaha! I would have been like, “you want me to what my what!?” Ugh but then I feel like I should know what they’re talking about so I pretend to understand some of it and end up looking ridiculous. Good luck with the rest of your scans/test/etc!

  6. Yeah exactly – I started to turn onto my left side like a dumbass lol!! Anyway thanks for the well wishes!

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