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Scary Symptom

This morning my husband and I decided to get up early and run.

Some background info:  We ran last night also.  Then I ate shrimp pasta dish with water for dinner (and resisted alcohol) and I slept well.  I was tired this morning.  I ate a banana and half a cup of coffee and drank water on the way to the trail.  I also carried water with me.  The temp was only 78 but the humidity was 97%!!!  We were sweating from the get-go.  We went to the trails where I had my worst race ever due to heat, so I have decided this place is cursed.


Nurse Cathy is not an artist. Best I could do!

At mile 2, I suddenly had a symptom I’ve never experienced.  I saw a huge bright ball of light in the center of my vision – like what you see after staring into the sun.  Except I hadn’t stared into the sun.  The sun was still low and behind the trees.  I tried to blink it away.  But I saw it when I closed my eyes too.  The shape of it was strange too.  It wasn’t a complete circle – it had a clearing in the center and bottom.  I described the shape to my husband as “a doll’s hair” without the face.  I had to stop.

Is this dehydration?  Fatigue?  Low blood sugar?  My husband said he’s experienced this only once – when he was on a 24-hour bike ride and it was the middle of the night and he was fatigued.

I did not want to pass out, so I walked the rest of the way and the doll-hair-orb faded away.  What could it be?

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The Perks of Pickle Juice

That's the stuff right there

That’s the stuff right there

If you have never tried drinking pickle juice to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps, now is the time.  This stuff is golden!  Well, actually it’s more like a goldish green.  The ingredients in pickle juice (aka pickle brine) are water, salt, vinegar, and an assortment of vitamins. There is about 4x as much sodium in it than Gatorade.

There are store-bought varieties like this one – you can read about it here.

But you can also just get it straight out of your dill pickle jar.  I like to put it on ice (I put everything on ice because I’m in Texas).

Although a lot of the evidence that pickle juice prevents dehydration and alleviates muscle cramps is anecdotal, there is now growing scientific research that shows it will stop muscle cramps in their tracks.

You can read more here and here OR you can try it yourself and see what you think!  Anyone else tried pickle juice?

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