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The Nurse Curse

I am a nurse.  This is (mostly) a good thing.  I have healed people, comforted people, and I get to contribute to society every day. (Yay I’m such a good person!)

But there is what I like to call the Nurse Curse.  If word gets out that you are a nurse – Beware! Everyone is a patient.

My fellow nurses have surely encountered these:

You get a text message from your friend about her sick baby – “What can I give her?”

Your coworker sticks her arm in your face to show you the strange mole that’s been there for months – “Do you think it’s serious?”

Your friend unloads a pile of over-the-counter meds on your lap –  “Which one of these should I take for my cold?”

An acquaintance casually mentions she’s been having headaches for a year now – “Should I see a doctor?”

Even if your friends KNOW you’re in a specific specialty (say, pediatrics) that doesn’t stop them from asking you about their grandmother’s Alzheimer’s disease or their father’s lab results.  It’s pretty flattering to be seen as a healthcare expert (even if you have to do some frantic research before answering their question)!

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