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Who Nurses The Nurse?


Who can a nurse trust to take care of her/him when they are sick or hurt?  Who is good enough to care for your child?

When I have doctor’s appointments, I find myself a little doubtful that I will get good care.  I know firsthand how hard it is to work in an emergency room/doctor’s office/clinic (in our very flawed healthcare system) and take REALLY good care of your patients.  I also know that not all healthcare workers are created equal.  After well over a decade in nursing, I have “seen too much” in the way of medical errors and poor judgement.  So I almost EXPECT that I won’t be well taken care of.  Yes, I think very highly of myself as a nurse.  I am experienced, conscientious and caring.  Is EVERYONE in healthcare that way?  Of course not!

  • When I was pregnant with my first child, I was scared to be left alone in my hospital room.  I wanted a family member there with me at all times to make sure things were being done safely and that I understood everything going on around me.  Lucky for me my mom’s a nurse, my sister’s a nurse, and my dad’s a pharmacist (and they were all there with me)!  When I was alone, I found myself peering at my IV bag, making sure the meds that were hooked up were correct, watching the drip rate, and looking for air in the line.
  • When my son had asthma attacks, I wouldn’t go to the nearest emergency room – I went to the pediatric urgent care where I worked at the time.  I would contact my coworkers on the way, asked “Who’s on tonight?” and I CHOSE who I would LET take care of my child.  (We all do that kind of thing).
  • When I chose a pediatrician for my kids, I asked for references from the doctors and nurses I worked with – I trusted their judgement, and there was NO WAY I was just going to “pick one off the list.”

little miss not impressed

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been forced to visit the doctor frequently because of a medical problem that I can’t fix on my own, and my pessimistic side has been there throughout.  The medical assistant who took my blood pressure at two separate visits said it was high and asked “Do you have high blood pressure?”  I said “Um no never, not even when I was 9 months pregnant with both my children – it’s always 110s over 60s.”  In my mind I was thinking “You’re doing it wrong.”  When the nurse practitioner failed to send my prescription to the pharmacy and I had to call the doctor after-hours (who then gave me a horrible time), I thought “Calling in a prescription is the most basic function of working in a medical office – get it together people.”  When I overheard the nurse practitioner talking loudly outside my door about another patient, I thought “Ever heard of HIPPA??”

Now I’m being herded through the system and on to my next stop – the “specialist.”

We’ll see how special they really are!

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The Nurse Curse (Part 2)


When you work in the medical field and you or a loved one is sick or hurt, the knowledge we have can do more harm than good to our peace of mind.   When faced with a minor medical concern, the ONLY possible answer is always the WORST CASE SCENARIO.

Situation #1:

My daughter’s mosquito bites swell very large for days after she’s bitten.


     “She will surely get MRSA (a wound infection) and end up in the hospital.”


The swelling ALWAYS resolves after a few days with no complications.

overreacting 2

Situation #2:

My son wet the bed for the first time in YEARS.


     “He has type I diabetes.”


He was just  adjusting to the routine of the new school year and the sleep schedule that accompanies that.  I have to admit I even went as far as scheduling him a doctor’s appointment, but then couldn’t wait until then so I used my “connections” to do a dipstick urinalysis on him, and stuck his finger for fasting and random glucose checks.  That’s right – I made him cry because of my irrational fear.


Situation #3:

I started having lateral foot pain after running (at my 5th metatarsal).


     “I have a stress fracture – I’ll be in a boot and won’t be able to do my 3 races this Fall.”


My shoes were too tight.  I adjusted the laces around my mid foot and voila – no pain!

I overreact out of love, and an overabundance of knowledge.  I think it’s a case of “too much of a good thing.”

Do you ever overreact?

See The Nurse Curse (part I)

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