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Kid Kindness


“I love Nurse Cathy”

Today is my birthday.  But this student didn’t know that.  She made me the sweetest Thank You card for helping her with an eye problem she had yesterday.  How nice is that!?  She drew us standing next to each other – me wearing my stethoscope and her with a bow in her hair.  She drew my desk, computer, and the cot – with the pillow wearing a smile 🙂

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

Every day, I make conversation with anywhere from 40 to 80 young children in my clinic.  Elementary age students can be a riot.  These kids, ages 3-11 years, are endearing and often hilarious.  For example:

  • When I cut my hair last year, I felt pretty good about myself.  That is until a Kindergartener asked me, “Why is your hair all messed up??”
  • When I had a third grader in my clinic, she told me about her “crush.”  I asked her what she likes about him and she said “his swag.”  I said “What is swag???”  She said “the way he dresses.”  I thought to myself “I’m pretty sure he wears Angry Birds t-shirts like every other boy in this school!”
  • When a fifth grader who comes in frequently for his inhaler read this sign on my desk :  image     He said “That’s not true – you’ve been nursing for me for a long time, and my Science grade hasn’t gone up at all!”
  • I frequently get asked “Nurse Cathy, don’t you remember that time I had a (choose one) stomach ache/nosebleed/scratch/tummy ache, etc??”  There’s no way I can possibly remember every boo-boo but I always nod my head and say “oh yes I remember that day!”
  • When I’m calling one of their parents and the phone is ringing, I often ask “What does your mommy/daddy do at work?” I’ve gotten answers such as “I think my dad drives a truck all night and makes food,” and “My mom just mostly sleeps all day,” and lots of “I don’t really know.”  Tell your kids what you do all day people!  A fifth grader (10 yrs old) should be able to explain what their parents job is (and yes, that includes what kind of work the job of a homemaker entails).
  • When kids come back from a long break and start running and playing again, I hear a lot of “My heart is beating really fast!” and “my legs are sore and I don’t know why!”

I could go on, but I think you can see my point.  Working with kids can be challenging, but they can definitely brighten your day.

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