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The Universe is Conspiring Against Me


It’s Like the Desert Out Here

Negative thoughts are creeping in.  I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to run a 25k in just over 2 months.  The most I’ve run is an 8k.  I’ve done a duathlon and triathlon, but not a footrace that long.  A few things are making me feel like I can’t do it:


Summer has come to a close.

1.  Last night was the last real night of summer for our family.  We had a great dinner at my parent’s house.  I drank too much wine.  It was awesome.  But, since I drank too much wine I woke up dehydrated and tired this morning.  I got up early anyway and went out to the trails.

2.  There was a race going on at the trails, so there was no parking.  I was already annoyed.

3.  The trails were crowded with racers.  Good for them.  Distracting for me.  Lots of sweat flying off of people, and some grunting mixed with huffing and puffing.

4.  The Texas heat is not letting up.  I was out there at 7:30 and it was already in the 80s, with 82% humidity. Come race day in November, the temp should be in the 50s.  So I keep trying to remind myself of that.

So overall, I’m disappointed in today’s run.  I’m considering looking at the race registration and seeing if I can do the 10k instead of 25k because it seems like a more reasonable increase in distance.

Anyone else ever doubt themselves?

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Runner / Nurse

I live in South Texas, where the summer heat is brutal.  I’ve lived here all my 35 years and never get used to it.  Last August, I participated in an 8k race in the evening heat of 102F.  The race support was minimal, to say the least.  Too few water stations, 2 EMTs, and all the food and drinks were gone by the time I was finished.  I brought my own hydration and cooling pad but still was suffering through it.  I finished, but then something unexpected happened.  This is the chain of events from that evening:

First I was all,

8K start

                 Let’s do this thing!!

And then I crossed the finish line and I was all,

8k finish

                 That was hell, but smile for the camera!

And then, a call went out over the PA system: ” Is anyone here a doctor or a nurse?  Please come to the pavillion.”

So next thing I knew I was all,

8k end croppedOh dang, runner down!

The poor guy was suffering heat exhaustion and dehydration.  He was vomiting.  He was weak.  He was scared.  Long story short, myself and another nurse cooled him, turned him, and comforted him.  He asked “Am I going to live?”  We KNEW he was going to be completely fine, but hearing the fear in his voice really moved me.  The ambulance took him away.  A few days later, the race promoter contacted us, saying “the guy who went down in the pavillion” wanted our contact information.  I replied with my mailing address.

And a month later, this:

8K letterThe most heartfelt “thank you” I have ever received in my 13-year nursing career.

This man was so grateful. He told me a lot about himself and his family, and included a picture of his wife and five children.  I will never forget this gesture of appreciation as long as I live.  I am proud to be a nurse, all day, every day.

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