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Discouraging Words


It’s been 9 days since I almost broke my back.  Okay, maybe that’s being a little dramatic.  But the Dirty Girl Mud Run ended up costing me a lot more than the $70 entrance fee (which I don’t think was worth it at all, but that’s beside the point).  After a huge copay at the ER that day, pharmacy copays, followup visit copay, and lastly an MRI – this race was my most “expensive” one yet.  Add to that pain and suffering.

The results of my MRI are:

In medical terms:  L4-L5 disc bulge with an annular tear, edema in the bone marrow and bruising to the bone.  No direct impingement on the spinal cord or nerves.

In layman’s terms:  I don’t have a herniated disc (just a slightly damaged one), and my spinal cord is not injured.  I don’t need surgery and the tear should heal with time and medications.

So, I should be happy right!?  Well, I definitely am glad it wasn’t worse.  But I still have trouble not whining about how much it sucks to be injured.  I had to miss the 5k I was planning (and paid for) this past Saturday.  The Windcrest City of Lights 5k – it was a nighttime race through an amazing neighborhood that is lit up every year with thousands of Christmas lights.  My husband ran it and really enjoyed it.  My kids even ran the Candy Cane Dash that was right before the 5k (their first race EVER)!  It really was an exciting night for our family.  It was just very hard being a spectator at a race I was supposed to participate in.

I’ve rested.  Now it’s time to move into recovery mode.  I’ve already started taking short walks through the neighborhood and local trails and it’s been great getting out – although I’m paranoid that I’m going to get hurt again:  Before I cross the street, I look both ways 3 times and cross only if it’s clear for miles.  On the trails, I am leary of every rock and root sticking out of the ground because I am sure one will send me flying and I’ll get hurt again.  I wonder if this overwhelming fear is normal??  I’m not sure when I’ll start running but I hope it’s very soon.  Part of my plan is to also get back to swimming at the gym because it is such a low impact workout.

Any advice is appreciated!  Wish me luck!

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At My Own Pace


Toy Soldier Walk (Active stretching)

My legs are short.  Nothing will change that.  I can only go so fast.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes.  I push too hard and get worn out quickly, instead of going slow and steady – and I end up disappointed or having to stop.  A lot of people on the trail run faster than me – so do many small dogs and children.


Wow “only” 93!

Since it was “down to” 93 degrees tonight at 7:30 (when will it end???) I went for a run.  I decided to take it nice and easy.  During the first mile, I felt relaxed.  I was worried that I was doing a 14-minute mile though.  Then my Nike Run app announced my pace was in the 10 min/mile range!  I decided to keep that pace for the whole 3 miles.  I also turned a different direction than usual which was  a nice change.


Ah, refreshing!

I stopped at the halfway point to pour water on my head and stuff my cheeks with Gummi bears.  I actually ENJOYED this run – no matter how slow I was going!


Since I went so slow, I caught the sunset!

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