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Weekends Are Made For Fun!


My husband and me

I live for the weekends!!  My husband and I have had a weekend full of fun and fitness.  We love being in the outdoors together, and the weather here in South Texas was perfect!


Love my pink bell

Saturday morning, we headed out for a bike ride on our beautiful trail system.  I hadn’t been on the bike in awhile but we went for it – full speed ahead!  We rode 22 miles and I loved every minute of it.  It was a challenge for sure, and my legs are still feeling it.  I actually woke up in the night with horrible soreness – that has NEVER happened to me.  I guess I should’ve stretched just like I do after runs.  Lesson learned!  Then we enjoyed a delicious late night meal at one of our favorite restaurants (bonus – we had a gift card!).


Hotel/restaurant on the Riverwalk

This morning we headed downtown to explore our beautiful city.  The Riverwalk is one of San Antonio’s biggest attractions.  There are restaurants and shops along the way. We love playing tourist in our own town.


Kayakers down river


Take a hike!

As if all of the activity wasn’t enough – we decided we should go for a hike this afternoon.  Government Canyon is our local State Natural Area.  It has miles and miles of rugged trails.  We’ve run here before and my husband has been mountain biking also, but today we decided to take a hike.  It was PACKED!  I think since it’s a long weekend, people are taking advantage and camping or hiking.  We love seeing all the active people in our city.  We ended up hiking for 3 hours which amounted to about 7 miles.  It was an awesome challenge!


The sun setting on the trails


The pot of gold at the end of an amazing weekend

We loved every minute of our weekend together.  I hope everyone else is having a fun-filled, active weekend with the ones you love!!

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Soup Weather!

Finally it’s cold enough in South Texas to run comfortably (i.e. without my head exploding), and eat soup!!


Butternut Squash Soup!

My husband made a delicious soup with butternut squash, lots of veggies, broth and white beans.  He adapted the recipe found here.


Best Soup Bowl Ever!

And seriously, how awesome is this soup-and-cracker bowl!?

Last night, we actually turned on our heater for the first time.  And running has been a joy!  Three more days until our big trail race and we’re expecting great, cool temps.

So excited that South Texas weather is catching up with the rest of the country!

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