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Run & Eat

imageFeels like 88 degrees.

I swear, South Texas needs to get it together!! It’s the end of October already and I’m still sweating through my runs.  I set out last night around 6:30 and, at first, it wasn’t too bad.  There was actually a breeze.  But then I started outrunning the breeze and couldn’t feel it anymore.  I had to resort to pouring water on my head by the last mile – something I had been doing all summer.


It looks nicer than it felt.

The trails were pretty crowded and I could tell other runners were suffering.  I heard very little talking and lots of grunting, huffing and puffing.  The only exception was a hardcore blonde who looked like she was military-trained, bolting through with her two dalmatians.  My route ends with two hills, and over time I have been able to conquer them.  They are nothing compared to what I’ll be running up in 11 days at the Enchanted Rock Trail Race.

The Rock is a huge, pink granite exfoliation dome, that rises 425 feet above ground, 1,825 feet above sea level, and covers 640 acres. It is one of the largest batholiths (underground rock formation uncovered by erosion) in the United States.

(From the Enchanted Rock State Park website)


Baked Acorn Squash

I came home to an amazing meal made by my husband.  This was a first for both of us.  Baked, stuffed acorn squash.  It looked so beautiful and exotic to me.  He stuffed it with things like red bell pepper, cauliflower, onion, zucchini, pecans, and I can’t remember what else he told me because I was too busy scarfing it down.

imageHow lucky is it that he loves to cook and I love to eat!?  It felt like Fall inside our house, eating this meal – too bad Texas weather didn’t get the memo!

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Stormy Weather


I swear, the only relief us South Texans get from the heat comes in the form of merciful “coldfronts.”  I think that’s what our winters are made of – a series of fronts strung together to keep the temperatures “fall-like” or “winter-like.”  This morning the temperature was 81 degrees, and the humidity was 90%.  Miserable.  The trails were a ghost town.  I decided to go long anyway.  I was shooting for 6 miles.


The tiny black specks in the distance are buzzards waiting for me to keel over.

I was soaked with sweat right away, but at least there was a breeze.  And then at mile 4 – drizzle!  The rain was glorious.  I stretched my arms out and closed my eyes for a second, taking it all in.  I could feel the temperature dropping a little.  The last 2 miles were easy.


Yay me!

It felt fantastic to reach 6 miles for the second time in my training.  My 10k is 4 weeks away and if the humidity is anything less than 90%, I will be a happy camper runner.

I’m dying to know – How is the weather in your area??

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