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Sidesplitting Sights and Sounds


This post could also be called “Nurse Cathy has diagnosed herself with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).”

The trails where I run can be amusing – to me anyway.  The greenway consists of paved and unpaved trails over several miles.  When it’s crowded, there is a lot of stimulation.  This is great if you’re going for a leisurely walk with your dog or kids, but it can be a challenge for someone like me.  I have a hard time focusing when there are distractions.

And, oh, the distractions are many.  And often hilarious.  How can I possibly ignore these?…


  • “Plumber’s butt” on a bicycle
  • Runners with flailing arms (so much energy wasted!)
  • Ridiculously photogenic couples running
  • Unseasonable clothing (sweat pants – in Texas – in Summer???)
  • Man in woman’s clothing running
  • Man running in a pink Speedo


  • Cyclists “heads-upping” runners using complete sentences (There’s a biker comin’ up on your left).  Just say “on your left!” or ring your bell!
  • Shuffling runner’s feet
  • Blasting headphones
  • Too many “Good Morning”s in a row from every person who passes.  It’s polite and all, but it throws off my breathing if I try to articulate a “Good Morning” back.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get through my runs with all this going on!

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Good Morning Person


The Greenway paved trails

On my last morning of the summer before I go back to work, I could’ve slept in.  I do that really well.  Instead, my husband and I decided last night that we would get in an early morning run.

 We have a Greenway near us that has paved and unpaved trails, and trailheads at many parks along the way.  This is where we do most of our running.  The temperature was only 73!!!  I haven’t felt anything below 80 here in Texas in MONTHS.

Oh, deer!

We ran 4 miles and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the trail.  There were lots of other “morning people” out there too!


Prickly Pear Cactus in the Texas Sunrise

deer (2)

Deer Near the Parking Lot – They Like People!

For the next 10 months I will have to be a morning person, but for once, I’m looking forward to it (Did I just say that??).

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