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Training Run!


My husband and I are running our first trail race in 3 weeks.  It will be at the beautiful Enchanted Rock State Park, an hour away from home.  We’ve been training since early summer but we wanted to train at least once at the site.  There is nothing exactly like that terrain here in town.  We wanted to visualize the course, check out parking, map the distance from the hotel to the park, etc.  The weather was a PERFECT 45 degrees!!  And look at that beautiful blue sky.


At the bottom of Big Dome

The race course takes us around the base of Big Dome (once for my 10k, three times for my husband’s 25K), then up to the top for the finish!  We are so glad we did this.  I was picturing a fairly flat, easy course until the climb at the end.  Well it’s anything but flat!  There are hills, brush, water, gravel, cactus, and rocks along the way.


The first hill

If I hadn’t been running as much as I have been, I would’ve been really intimidated.  But it was a GREAT run!  We ran around the base – about 5 miles – but we didn’t have time to run up to the top so that will be new territory for us on race day.  The ground was tricky to maneuver in spots – I tripped over a rock and fell forward, but luckily didn’t go all the way down!


Running back towards Big Dome


Beautiful, rugged terrain


Gorgeous landscape

All of the natural obstacles made for an interesting run.

 I am so excited for the big day!

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Stormy Weather


I swear, the only relief us South Texans get from the heat comes in the form of merciful “coldfronts.”  I think that’s what our winters are made of – a series of fronts strung together to keep the temperatures “fall-like” or “winter-like.”  This morning the temperature was 81 degrees, and the humidity was 90%.  Miserable.  The trails were a ghost town.  I decided to go long anyway.  I was shooting for 6 miles.


The tiny black specks in the distance are buzzards waiting for me to keel over.

I was soaked with sweat right away, but at least there was a breeze.  And then at mile 4 – drizzle!  The rain was glorious.  I stretched my arms out and closed my eyes for a second, taking it all in.  I could feel the temperature dropping a little.  The last 2 miles were easy.


Yay me!

It felt fantastic to reach 6 miles for the second time in my training.  My 10k is 4 weeks away and if the humidity is anything less than 90%, I will be a happy camper runner.

I’m dying to know – How is the weather in your area??

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